Chronic Pain Relief and Trauma Recovery Specialist 

  As a clinically trained and licensed Massage Therapist combining advanced medical massage and physical therapy techniques, private yoga instruction and guided meditation, I am committed to helping you achieve a happier and healthier life. My personalized approach to pain management effectively reduces chronic pain, and can eliminate the necessity for radical and expensive medical procedures. Differentiating our time together from the disappointing results of the rote factory styled treatments of others, we begin each session with a one on one consultation to clarify and understand your needs, every time.

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A Personalized Approach to Holistic Wellness 

  With over 20 years of experience, we work together as a team in the most comprehensive way possible, taking into consideration your diet, sleep, personal relationships and physical activities; including exercise, work schedule and habitual behaviors. Your medical history and lifestyle are studied in depth and the information you share is used to custom tailor dynamic treatment plans for your recovery. You can rest assured that you will be heard, and that your progress will be constantly monitored so that your treatment strategy is altered according to your change in needs. Your recovery is my goal, maps are drawn, and you are the driver.

Personal Empowerment Through Education

  With a long history of experience in eradicating chronic pain, helping people overcome addiction and depression, working side by side with families of terminal illness, victims of abuse and violence, and those suffering from loss and associated grief, I have learned that the keys to recovery are compassion, patience and education. I work to give you knowledge and tools that you can walk away with to live your most joyous life. And, as a natural continuation of my looking beyond the physical, I have been helping people transform their lives through Reiki, yoga and meditation since 2003.