We offer custom tailored sessions implementing many different styles of deep tissue massage techniques from both eastern and western culture. The techniques and detailed descriptions of their uses and application are found below. More information will be added over time so please check back regularly and please feel free to ask questions if you would like more information on how we can help heal you through massage therapy.

Acupressure is used in many cultures but originally comes from Asia and stems from the twelve-element theory and energetic system that Acupuncturists use to heal the body. Acupressure focuses on the moving of Chi by finding places within the body where the life force energy is blocked. By the use of applied and sustained pressure to these highly sensitized areas entire regions of the body are affected, relieving pain and restoring balance. This modality is preferred by most that experience it because it is powerfully effective in pain relief and is done so in a relaxing and non-invasive way.

Anma is a deep tissue technique developed and used in Japan for over 1500 years. A trance like state is induced by a rhythmic rocking of the body with applied local pressure through circular motions, which mimic the rocking of a mother to the child. This motion allows the body to release the stresses contained within the muscles and emotional system.