James Ruff Licensed Clinical Massage Therapist

 James Ruff, New York State Licensed Massage Therapist, Holistic Wellness Counselor, Reiki master, and Professional Educator incorporates philosophies and methods from both Eastern and Western medicine in NYC since 2003 and before that worked in various forms of counseling while leading life empowerment courses throughout the 90’s. While helping people with stress reduction and relaxation is a given, James is much more than the traditional massage therapist well versed in several forms of deep tissue massage, including Anma, Trigger Point Therapy, and Acupressure he supplements these massage techniques with stretching modalities that originate in Western sports medicine and Thai Massage.

  James also teaches and practices Reiki, a very powerful laying of hands system of healing, and combining all of these modalities with a self developed healing method that works directly with the emotional bodies which he calls Vocalized Sound Therapy.

  In late 2002 James Ruff was initiated as a third degree Reiki Practitioner and Master Teacher. Through the practice and study of Buddhism and Taoism his love for people and curiosity about the power of laying of hands, psychic healing modalities and a compulsion toward understanding the human condition grew and drew him to toward working with children of abuse and neglect. Working closely with victims of drug addiction and alcoholism James helped to create life plans, while teaching skills aimed at generating strong and healthy coping mechanisms in order to empower patients toward integrating into a “normal healthy life” where they have continued to achieve greater happiness and wellbeing.

  After realizing that many patients suffer from chronic pain, James’ focus moved toward the learning of skills necessary to educate clients about how they can learn to actively take care of themselves through nutrition and physical activity working as a Personal Trainer and life coach, thus reducing their illnesses and with them the bills and problems associated with stress born disease. It has always been James’ therapeutic goal to help relieve both the emotional and physical pain and distress that most people suffer from on a daily basis while empowering them spiritually to live happier, healthier lives.

  Licensed in New York as a Clinical Massage Therapist, James Ruff originally worked in physical rehabilitation centers alongside top doctors and physical therapists learning unique skills for pain relief and the rejuvenation of patient’s bodies after major trauma. With many years working with people suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome, chronic diseases, and the overcoming of alcohol and drug addiction his work lead him to a greater interest in the connection between the physical, emotional and spiritual relationships to each other. These experiences have left him accustomed to helping those faced with the challenges of emotional and spiritual disintegration due to life’s myriad of volatile experiences working closely with those affected by abuse, chronic and terminal disease, and assisting clients and families affected by grief.

  In James’ own words “Working with and helping others infuses me with vitality. When someone smiles after our time shared I feel revitalized.”


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