Specialized Lower Body Pain Relief:

  • Sciatica and Sciatic Pain Syndrome
  • Lower back Pain
  • Endometriosis related pain
  • Foot Pain
  •  Similar to the upper body, most pain of the lower body originates from the spine and spinal nerves which can be healed through effective massage therapy, stretching and postural realignment focusing on the hips and muscle imbalances.

     Commonly we work to release the iliopsoas through highly specialized medical massage techniques addressing chronic spasms, muscle weakness and imbalances in the posture. Hypertension and adhesions along with deep postural muscle imbalances are addressed in order to reduce and relieve aching and stabbing pain, numbness, electrical shock, burning and muscle weakness.

     We work to eradicate both local and radiating pain from it’s source in the most pain free, and effective methods possible.