Specialized Lower Body Pain Relief

 Similar to the upper body, most pain of the lower body originates from the spine and spinal nerves which can be healed through effective massage therapy, stretching and postural realignment focusing on the hips and muscle imbalances.

 We work to eradicate both local and radiating pain from it’s source in the most pain free, and effective methods possible.

Massage Back Pain Relief

Piriformis Syndrome

Compression of the Sciatic Nerve in the deep hip by the external rotator.

TFL and IT Band Dysfunction

TFL and IT Band Dysfunction

Common in runners, causing knee instability, pain & weakness in hip. 

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Sacroilliac Dysfunction

Misalignment of hips at the Sacro-Iliac Joint. 

Private Yoga Instruction Yogic Massage

Lower Cross Syndrome

Pattern of weakness and over-tight muscle groups due to postural imbalance.

Private Yoga Instruction Yogic Massage

Psoas Dysfunction

Chronic tightness in the “hip flexor” causing Lumbar Vertebrae compression.

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Spinal Nerve Entrapment

Impacted Spinal Nerves due to joint dysfunction and postural misalignment. 


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