Medical Massage Therapy

  Anyone who experiences chronic pain understands how exhausting, frustrating and at times despairing, it is to be trapped in affliction unable to find relief. Medical massage therapy differs from the traditional spa treatment and swedish massage as it’s main goal is to heal injury and chronic pain. Through strategic implementation of scientific data and expertise, James Ruff uses specialized knowledge and a highly developed sense of touch, while taking the time to listen to the feedback from each person. The collaboration between therapist and those seeking wellness is a major key to recovery, and for this reason clients are educated and given tools which they can use to heal themselves both during and after treatment.

Chronic Pain Relief through specialized knowledge and experience

 Advanced study in anatomy and physiology, structural and bio-mechanical kinesiology, neurology, the reflex systems of the tendons and ligaments and postural analysis combined with specialized stretching techniques (P.N.F./ M.A.T./ A.R.T.), trigger point therapy, acupressure, and myofascial release converge to create a highly effective means of manual therapy.