Trigger Point Therapy is a western technique originally developed for the use of rehabilitation, and it is also commonly used for trauma relief. I have found that this technique is essential for the healing of both acute and chronic pain. Trigger points are highly sensitized areas in the body that control entire system of muscle that affect the nervous system. These points are often know to people as “knots” within the muscle and if improperly treated or not treated at all, they can cause significant pain and immobility with the body, i.e.. “frozen shoulder,” “frozen neck” etc. However, if treated these issues can often be easily healed through the combination of a few sessions and routine body maintenance.


Most massage improperly focuses on the kneading of points instead of understanding exactly what is causing this point of tension, which, more often than not, is caused by a response to some form of trauma and must be released by the body, under the bodies permission. This requires a very specific and highly attuned and sensitive form of touch, and if done properly, this can produce maximal results and pain relief.