Occupational Therapy

 The importance of understanding where and how someone spends the majority of their time is essential in understanding how to best create mental, physical and spiritual health while working toward homeostasis and achieving holistic wellbeing.

 Your work environment, and if necessary, home environment, is taken into consideration through onsite visits. How you work and behave both physically and mentally is assessed and a plan of action is developed in order to relieve physical and emotional stresses to treat the root of problems which, if untreated can develop into dramatic and lasting conditions. Something as simple as posture at one’s desk and why this posture is occurring can have stark effects on a person’s overall well-being, leading to spinal and peripheral nerve damage which results in conditions of pain and weakness in the upper and lower limbs following you day and night indefinitely. These conditions start as lower and upper back pain and can eventually lead to spastic paralysis of the neck, shoulders and upper torso, bulging and herniated discs, neuropathy, and sciatic pain syndrome. Then for example, sciatic pain syndrome can progress creating permanent neuropathy of the sciatic nerve known as sciatica. If the root of the problem is not found and addressed, treatments which solely deal with the symptoms of these problems will inevitably lead to feeble if not completely ineffective results. This damage then affects other parts of the body (and psyche along with it, as we all know pain is exhausting, stressful and emotionally draining), the conditions recur, other parts of the body attempt to compensate and the entire body physically degenerates, unnecessarily.

  Sound scary? It is, but, it doesn’t have to be.

 With proper maintenance and understanding, the body has an unparalleled capacity to heal itself. Body posture, work schedule, rest patterns, diet, physical routine and other stressors are assessed in order to replace negative patterns with positive habits. Treatment plans which include realistic alterations to lifestyle are strategically developed to best suit the needs and goals of each person in order to achieve a more enjoyable, healthy, and pain free life. Proper maintenance is key, lifestyle is a choice, but it is nearly impossible to see one’s self accurately especially without proper training and knowledge.

 Metaphorically speaking: If you try to sail a boat whose sail is not risen, no matter how strong the wind, you will have no control over your speed in the water. The body and mind are the same. If you only address the symptoms without understanding where this pain originates from, you are destined to float aimlessly in the sea. Understand why, and you will know how to fix it.


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