“What method’s of payment do you accept?”

  • All forms of payment are accepted except personal checks (ie. All major credit cards, cash, and PayPal).
    “Do you except insurance?”

  • We do not process insurance claims, however we will supply receipts for insurance reimbursements.
    “Do you have a sliding scale of payment?”

  • The rate is fixed unless special needs can be validated through proof of income, at which point we will happily negotiate a fair and balanced price to assist in the needs of others.
    “Do I have to take my clothing off in order to get a massage?”

  • No you are not required to remove your clothing in order to receive a massage, we will work within the comfort zone of all clients and while some body work is specifically targeted to work with skin to skin contact the use of other techniques can be applied in most cases.
    “Do you sell discount packages for your sessions?”

  • Yes, please refer to “Pricing” for a detailed explanation of pricing options.
    “What is Vocalized Sound Therapy?”

  • Vocalized Sound Therapy is a form of emotional release using the voice as the main instrument during the application of massage and body-work. You are encouraged to feel free to sigh loudly and will be guided to do so with respect to the rhythm of the body work and your natural breathe. While receiving the treatment, this technique dramatically helps you to better relax by releasing emotion in a healthy way by “singing” the pain or discomfort away. Emoting while breathing in coordination through the use of various tones that resonate different chamber of the body releases trapped emotions stored within those areas of the body.
    “What is Reiki?”

  • Reiki is a laying of hands system of healing in use for thousands of years and is taught by a master practitioner. James Ruff teaches the Reiki student to work through focused meditation and the passing of healing energy through the practitioner to the receiver. Reiki has transformative effects in all realms of life, spiritually, emotionally and physically and has been associated with miraculous healing experiences throughout time. This method of healing has no religious attachments or affiliations and is achieved through deep levels of focus and breathe work.
    “What type of massage techniques do you use?”

  • A myriad of techniques are used ranging from deep therapeutic massage, trigger point therapy to yogic neuromuscular release and PNF stretching influenced by yoga and sports massage in a gentle yet therapeutic manner. Shiatsu, Reiki, and several other Eastern modalities are also used to treat each person holistically. Please select a topic from above for more detailed descriptions.
    “Does an outcall cost more?”

  • Outcalls have a minimum of an hour and a half booking with all travel expenses non-included
    • Example: 90 minute booking, 30 minute travel time each way (60 minutes) plus taxi fare= 2.5 hours hour rate + taxi.
    “What is the difference between a licensed and non-licensed massage professional?”

  • A licensed Massage Therapist in the state of New York has been through vigorous training and must continuously fulfill continuing education requirements in order to maintain their professional license while refreshing and polishing their knowledge of the craft. A non licensed body worker may or may not have trained at all. In the latter, this lack of education could lead to severe physical harm of the client (in the worst cases paralysis, stroke and death can be caused) because of their lack of knowledge of the very delicate physical systems of the body.James Ruff (the owner and Principal Massage Therapist of NYC Healing and Massage) has been educated in clinical pain relief and many varieties of body work, he has also studied in great depth advanced anatomy and physiology, and has been teaching continuing education to other professional massage therapists since 2003. Read more about James Ruff here


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