Reiki (rei ki- universal life force) is a very ancient healing process that has existed for over 2000 years. It was originally taught in the time periods before written record and is believed to be the healing method used by profits. It is not associated with any denomination or religion, but is a spiritual discipline that has been credited countless times for its miraculous powers. The Reiki teachings were held in secret because the great power of the master was much coveted and feared until the 1800s, when the teachings were finally revealed and spread around the world. It is a simple, and focused method of healing that occurs when the healer places his or her hands within the aura of the receiver and works with or without actual physical contact. It is preferred by many because of it undeniable ability to positively affect and create healing within the body without being at all intrusive. Reiki works powerfully on all planes of life, physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental and has been used from the simplest ailment (like a burn) to the healing of chronic disease (cancer, lymphoma etc.) and is becoming more and more accepted as a practical healing modality within hospitals.