“There are Massage Therapists and Reiki Practitioners, and then there is James Ruff. Although he practices both modalities, the essence of his work is far beyond the traditional and mundane, we are all accustomed to experiencing, in this field.

The calm and safety of his skilled hands and energy completely guide you toward the light in a subtle and nonjudgmental way. Aches, pain, sorrow, even terror are met and extinguished with Mr. Ruff’s healing work and it is because of this, you will feel the presence of pure hope, that in fact, everything, whether a knot in the muscle, a soreness in the neck or a wound in the heart, is beautiful and able to heal.

I sought James’ services for PTSD at my traditional therapist’s request to seek “touch” therapy. And what I received, so far, is not only humbling but has opened my eyes to an awareness, I have given up trying to define. James’ approach to the healing process is unhurried, yet, steady and because of his intuition and empathy he can push your guarded limits to break through the walls you have built, leaving you fearless. Through learning the unity of breathe and sound, while receiving bodywork and/or Reiki, your entire being begins to understand the true nature of an authentic healer and teacher.

I believe, with my whole heart, Mr. Ruff’s contact information should be readily available to every human being who is approaching their last hope.

In short, James Ruff is the best and an asset to the Healing Arts Industry.”

Kathleen Cassidy, Owner
New York School of Aesthetics

 “An Amazing Experience Awaits You….The massages I have experienced at the hands of James Ruff are other-worldly and don’t belong to the language I shall use to describe them. So, as you read my review I ask you to accept that fact that I have experienced something magical, something that I cannot describe, something that has yet to be named.

I’ve sought James’s expertise several times to get relief for my aching muscles and joints. And each time he soothed not only my body but also my soul. Through several stages of the massage I found myself on the verge of joyous tears as James’s nurturing, healing hands realigned my body and touched me in places far deeper than deep tissue. James’s knowledge and skill surpass all other massage therapists I’ve experienced. And his caring, intuitive touch makes me grateful and ecstatic to be alive.

I have referred friends to James and highly recommend his service.”

Gustavo Perez Firmat, Scholar

 “The best massage in New York awaits you below the hands of Mr. James Ruff. Being an owner of several businesses and dealing with the stresses of survival in life here on this island, I came to James for help and left feeling completely relaxed, peaceful and rejuvenated. Much more than massage occurs here… James Ruff is profoundly present and aware, it feels like he can see straight through you to your soul and his sincerity is rich and felt in the air. It is rare to feel like someone truly cares about you and I now understand why he is known as a Massage Therapist and not a masseuse, because what he offers is truly therapeutic. I don’t understand how the Reiki works, but I do understand that it works, as the heat and power that I felt even before he touched me was profound. Not only did my body feel 1000 times better than when I arrived, I also felt that my soul had been bathed in warm light and cleansed of worry. There is wisdom and expertise here in what seems to be a very very old soul.

Jordan Baker-Caldwell, Founder

 “Hands down the best Massage Therapist in NYC, arguably one of the best I have ever met in my world travels. I was recommended by a long time friend and colleague of mine after being hit by a car crossing the street in Manhattan and being told by the doctors that I would more likely than not suffer chronic pain indefinitely which was highly despairing. I went to NYC Healing and met with James Ruff after suffering from months of pain and depression. James spoke with me in a very calm manner, reviewed my MRI’s and did a series of muscle tests which lead him to the conclusion that he believed with some effort that my pain could be dramatically reduced and potentially erased. He crafted a deep tissue and stretch treatment outline for me, and an entire therapeutic regimen to follow. I admit, I was very skeptical, but after just one session the results were so dramatically positive that I decided to trust his advice (I had no other option really, so why not?).What a beautiful surprise! Within a few weeks of seeing James the pain had dropped to a point where I could sleep through the night without any problem, I was able to start working out again and now several months later my entire life has changed and I am well into recovery.James is as close to a miracle worker as I have ever met.”

G.P., Managing Director

 “**Heaven Sent** My session with James was a divine appointment and answered prayer. I experienced a fusion of spiritual and energetic balance, with sound therapeutic massage techniques. I felt nurtured, blessed, and revitalized. I wish I had a magic button that could bring me on the spot “James therapy”:)Wonderful, Thank You James!I seriously recommend him to anyone who seeks balance, healing, and overall wellness”

Maria M, Massage Therapist

 “It has been my pleasure to have done body/mind work with James Ruff over the past years. I find James to be well beyond his years in knowledge and perception. He understands and continues to study physiological patterns and psychological needs of the human condition.I often feel like I appear at his door saying “Here is my back, shoulders, arms, my legs, my brain, my heart, etc. They feel stressed and fragmented. This has been a tough week. Please put them back together!” He does! Thus, he seems to gear his work towards the individual’s needs and goals.I honestly feel he has been a very important part of my health and happiness in these past years. I greatly respect his work and would recommend him to any person, at any age.”

Martha Wade, President
Wade Artist Management

 “If I had to give one piece of advice to a busy New Yorker who is in desperate need of a quick escape from the chaos of the everyday, it is this: go see James. I went to see James because I wanted to give myself a treat – to give my body a gift: I definitely got what I came for, and so much more.

After my one-hour massage, I left feeling physically relieved and relaxed, and mentally energized. James focused primarily on the area which I had asked him to help me with (my neck and shoulders) – but he also made sure that the rest of my body was alleviated of stress and put in sync – he made me feel better from head to toe – literally. While I do not know the formalities of what he was doing, it was evident that James had an unbelievable knowledge of the body and its mechanisms. My massage incorporated several different elements – including stretching and, what I know as more “traditional” massage techniques.Not only is the massage phenomenal, but the whole setting is also lovely. The room is soothing and the entire ambiance that James creates, with music and discrete scents, is just wonderful – he creates at atmosphere in which it is impossible to feel uncomfortable – it is a quiet and safe environment, where one senses that healing (whether minor or major) can really begin. It’s very clear that James cares for, and sincerely wants to help, his clients – he wants to do his part to make their lives more comfortable, and enjoyable. And in this goal, I think, he surely succeeds.”

Natalia Rachlin, New York City Journalist

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