Massage Therapy is an effective non-surgical option for chronic pain and illness and has life changing capabilities.

Below are some of the treatable conditions we can address to help you feel better.

Upper Back and Spine:
  Spinal Stenosis
  Neck Pain
  Shoulder Pain
  Numbness in Hands and Feet
  Bells Palsy* (call for more information)
  Breathing Difficulty
  Peripheral Neuropathy
  Carpal Tunnel
  Frozen shoulder

Anxiety and Stress related conditions:
  Gastro intestinal track complications

General Conditions:
  Improved Circulation
  Increased joint mobility and range of motion

Lower Back pain and Spine:
  Hip Pain
  Piriformis Syndrome
  Lower back pain

For Runners:
  Iliopsoas Dysfunction
  Piriformis Syndrome
  Tensor Fascia lata Dysfunction
  Foot Drop
  Achilles Tendon Dysfunction

(This list of conditions treatable with massage therapy is a growing index of articles- please submit your question if you would like information on a health condition not listed here to see if we can assist you.)


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